• Four Blades Screw Pile
  • Four Blades Screw Pile
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Four Blades Screw Pile
  • MG Solar
  • China
  • 7 weekdays
  • 10,000 PCS/Day
  • 1PC
  • US $ 18.2~US $ 19.3

* Hot-galvanized Steel Q235
* High Class hot-galvanized 80u~120u

Four Blades Screw Pile

Four Blades Screw Pile

Product Description

Material: Hot-galvanized Steel Q235

High Class Hot-galvanized 80u~120u

Item No.DiameterThicknessLength
1600 mm
MG-FGS-F76-T3.0-L18001800 mm
MG-FGS-F76-T3.0-L20002000 mm
MG-FGS-F76-T3.0-L22002200 mm
MG-FGS-F76-T3.0-L25002500 mm
MG-FGS-F76-T3.0-L30003000 mm


Screw Pile

Ground Anchor

Packaging & Delivery

Four Blades Screw Pile

  • Packaging Details: Iron Pallet; 

  • Port: Xiamen Port, China

  • Delivery Time: 5-10 working days after received your payment

Payment Terms

Payment TermsT/T
30% as deposit, the balance before shipment 

Free Design

Screw Pile

Project Reference

Ground Anchor


Q: What’s the material of the ground screw pile?

MG SOLAR:Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Q235(HDG Q235B)

Q: What’s the thickness of the galvanized coating?

MG SOLAR:80μm~120μm. Determined by the material thickness

Q: What’s the diameter of the screw pile?

MG SOLAR:76mm, 89mm, 114mm are available for options. 76mm is the common use.

Q: What’s the thickness of screw pile material?

MG SOLAR:2.5mm~4mm, 3mm is the common use.

Q: What is the total length range of adjustable screw piles?

MG SOLAR:1600mm~1900mm

Q: How to choose the screw pile?

MG SOLAR:Based on soil condition and project load to choose correct thickness and diameter of screw pile.

Q: What is the length of screw pile you can offer?

MG SOLAR:Common use is 1600mm,1800mm,2000mm,we can offer between 1000mm to 3000mm.

Q: What kind of systems can screw pile be used for?

MG SOLAR:It can be used for ground mount systems, solar farm structure systems and carport structure systems.

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