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  • Solar Roof Racking Rail
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Solar Roof Racking Rail
  • MG Solar
  • China
  • Within 7 days
  • 3,000 m/Day
  • 1m
  • US $ 2.67~2.82/ m

These rails are designed for all kinds of roof type. It comes with high quality, high strength and low cost.

Solar Roof Racking Rail

Solar Roof Racking Rail

Products  Details

Item No.DescriptionMaterial 
MG-RR-CL1Roof Rail 01#Aluminum 6005-T5
MG-RR-CL2Roof Rail 02#Aluminum 6005-T5


·    High class anodized aluminum

·    Easy to install

·    Pre-assembled

·    Flexible post spacing withstands different wind & snow loads

·    Available in Mill Finish, Clear Anodized, or Black Anodized Hardware

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Solar Roof Rail


Solar Mounting Rail


Solar Roof Racking Rail

Why Choose US

·    Design conformable to different on-roof project requirements

·    Fast and cost effective installation, easy to be assembled on different roof tops

·    Short in 7 days leading time

·    Wisely solutions for your solar PV projects

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Q: Do you know the dimensions of the rail cross-section?

MG SOLAR: Yes, please send us the type of rail you are interested in, then our sales will offer its drawing.


Q: Which one of the rails do you recommend /which is the most popular?

MG SOLAR:MR-RR-CL2 this rail is widely used. But it is more dependent on your installation requirements.


Q: What’s the material of rails and what color are they?

MG SOLAR: The rails are made of Aluminum Alloy(AL6005-T5) and the surface has been anodized, so they are naturally metallic. Black rails are also available if needed.


Q: Are the rails can be used for both roof structure and ground structure?

MG SOLAR: Yes, rails can be cut to the required length. However, it is recommended to keep the rails within 6 meters for transportation.

Q: What are the surface treatment options for the rails?

MG SOLAR: Mill Finish or Clear Anodized or Black anodized.

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