• Solar Racking Thin Film End Clamps
  • Solar Racking Thin Film End Clamps
  • Solar Racking Thin Film End Clamps
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Solar Racking Thin Film End Clamps
  • MG Solar
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  • 30,000 pcs/Day
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  • $0.34~1.08/piece

* Suitable for frameless solar modules
* High quality
* Pre-assembled

Solar Racking Thin Film End Clamps

Solar Racking Thin Film End Clamps

Products  Details

Item No.Product descriptionMaterial 


Thin Film End Clamp, 80 mm

Aluminum 6005-T5 & SUS304
MG-TF-EC-120Thin Film End Clamp, 120 mmAluminum 6005-T5 & SUS304

Product characteristics

·    Advanced class anodized aluminum

·    Flexible pole positioning to suit different wind and snow loads

·    Available in polished fittings, clear anodized or black anodized


Solar Racking Clamps

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Thin Film Clamps

Packaging & Shipping

Solar Racking Thin Film End Clamps

Payment Terms

Payment TermsT/T
30% as deposit, the balance before shipment 

Project Reference

Solar Racking Clamps


Q: What material are the mid clamp and end clamp made of? What color are they?

MG SOLAR: Our mid clamps and end clamps series are made of aluminum alloy and SUS304, and have undergone anodized surface treatment for bracket, so they have a natural metallic color. If needed, we can also provide black one.

Q: Do you know the specific dimensions of mid clamp?

MG SOLAR:Yes, please tell us which one you are interested in, and we will send you the drawings.

Q: Can you supply 60mm or 50mm length mid bracket?

MG SOLAR:Yes, we can produce mid bracket according to your requirements.

Q: Do you have adjustable mid clamp and end clamp?

MG SOLAR:Yes, our MG-AMC-C and MG-AEC-C are the adjustable mid clamp and end clamp. 

Q: Can I just buy the mid bracket? I'm not sure if the nut will work on my rail.

MG SOLAR:Yes, you can only buy the mid bracket.

Q: What is the range of your mid clamp and end clamp?

MG SOLAR:Our clamps are suitable for 25-55mm solar panel, we can attach our catalog for your reference.

Q: Will it work with my existing solar panels?

MG SOLAR:You can share the thickness dimension of your solar panel with us, then we can confirm.

Q: I'm not certain about the specifications for the solar panels. I have panels of different sizes, how do I choose?

MG SOLAR:If you're uncertain, I would recommend our Adjustable Mid Clamp and Adjustable End Clamp.

Q: Do you have some clamps can work with thin film solar panels?

MG SOLAR:Yes, we do have. Our clamps are suitable for 5~9mm thickness solar panel.

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