• Adjustable, Flexible Solar Tile Roof Hook
  • Adjustable, Flexible Solar Tile Roof Hook
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Adjustable, Flexible Solar Tile Roof Hook
  • Within 7 days
  • 10,000 PCS/DAY
  • 1PC
  • $US 3.06~3.55

Quick and easy to mount

Adjustable, Flexible Solar Tile Roof Hook

Solar Racking


1. Accommodate different types of PV solar panels

2. Custom-made tile hooks based on tile specifications

3. Made of SUS 304

4. Easy and fast installation

5. No need to drill into tile

6. Slotted for easy adjustment


solar roof hook

Product Details

Adjustable Tile Roof Hook

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Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details: Carton Box + Plywood Palle

  • Port: Xiamen Port, China

  • Delivery Time: 5-10 working days after received your payment


Q: What material are solar hooks made of?

MG SOLAR:Usually it is made of stainless steel 304, but we also have aluminum hooks, such as MG-AA-RTH-01.

Q:Could you tell me the size of solar hook?

MG SOLAR:Yes, you can tell us which item you want to know, then we will send you the drawing for your review.

Q: Are the hooks assembled? What's in the solar hook kit?

MG SOLAR:Yes, it is assembled. The solar hook kit includes Stainless Steel 304 hook,6.3x65mm wood screw & EPDM washer, M8x25mm SUS 304 bolt & rail nut & SUS washer.

Q:Do you have a test report on solar hooks?

MG SOLAR:Yes, we have SGS test report of solar hook.

Q:What is the thickness of the hook?

MG SOLAR:The thickness of our hook is generally 4mm or 5mm. If you need other thickness, we also can make it as your request.

Q:Do I need to drill into the tile to install the Tile Roof Hook?

MG SOLAR:No, the MG Solar stainless steel hook is designed for easy installation without the need for drilling into the tile.

Q:Can I customize the shape and size of the Hook?

MG SOLAR:Yes, MG Solar offers OEM and ODM service can be customized to your specific needs and specifications.

Q:Can all kinds of tiles be used?

MG SOLAR:Our Tile hooks range from universal hooks to specific shapes for flat tiles and Spanish tiles.

Q:What are the advantages of adjustable tile hooks compared to traditional tile hooks?

MG SOLAR:The adjustable tile hook can adapt to a wider range of installation situations, and this type of hook can be selected when the conventional tile hook cannot be used.

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