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  • Solar Panel Mount Grounding Clip
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Solar Panel Mount Grounding Clip
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*made of SUS304
*easy to install

Solar Panel Mount Grounding Clip

Grounding Clip

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Solar grounding clip is an essential component of the solar racking systems, it offers earthing on the panel level at the mid clamps. 

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Solar Grounding Clip

SUS 304

Product NameSolar Grounding Clip
MaterialStainless Steel 304
Warranty12 Years



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solar earthing clip

Grounding Accessories

Grounding Clip


Q: What material are grounding clip made of?

MG SOLAR:It is made of stainless steel 304.

Q: Could you tell me the size of grounding clip?

MG SOLAR:Yes, you can tell us which item you want to know, then we will send you the drawing for your review.

Q: What’s the function of grounding clip?

MG SOLAR:Solar panel ground clips are designed to bond solar panel to mounting system rail and create an electrical path to ground.

Q: Where is the grounding clip installed?

MG SOLAR:The grounding clips are placed between PV modules and mounting rails at clamping points when install. The grounding clips specialized teeth embed into anodized aluminum rail.

Q: What are the advantages of grounding clip?

MG SOLAR:Grounding clips can protect solar mounting system equipments like : inverters, PV modules, controllers, from damaging of grounding and lightning. And it can provide a continuous earthing on roof / ground mounting solar systems.

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