• Solar panel clamp for metal roof mount
  • Solar panel clamp for metal roof mount
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Solar panel clamp for metal roof mount
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MG Solar Standing seam roof clamp is our most popular option for attaching solar racking to a variety of standing seam metal roof tops.

Solar panel clamp for metal roof mount

pv solar panel clamp

Product Description

It can work with both vertically and horizontally-oriented standing seam roof profiles and securely attaches without piercing the metal paneling, providing easy installation and a long-lasting connection with no risk for leaks.


Product NameStanding seam roof clamp
MaterialAluminum 6005-T5 & SUS 304
Warranty12 Years
Surface TreatmentAndoized


solar panel clamp


Solar clamp


pv solar panel clamp

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Product Application

Solar clamp


Q: Does it fit the trapezoidal shape of my metal roof?

MG SOLAR:Please send the specific dimensions of that trapezoidal shape to us. Then our team will check it and recommend a solution.

Q: Is each model of clamp equipped with waterproof rubber?

MG SOLAR:Yes, it is. If you don't need it, please clarify that before placing an order.

Q: Are all the hardware contained as the picture shown?

MG SOLAR:Yes, they are.

Q: What's the material of the trapezoidal roof clamps?

MG SOLAR:Stainless Steel (SUS304) or Aluminum Alloy (AL6005-T5)

Q: Will the trapezoidal roof clamps come with T-bolt or T-nut?

MG SOLAR:It depends on your needs. T-bolt or T-nut is designed for our rails. If you need them, please check whether they can fit to your rails.

Q: Which metal roof clamp has the lowest installation cost?

MG SOLAR:Universal roof clamps. They are rail-less solutions. You can directly fix the panel on it.


Have a question, need help designing a system or just want to know more about MG Solar? Feel free to contact us by email or toll-free call.

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