• Solar Farm Ground Mount System
  • Solar Farm Ground Mount System
  • Solar Farm Ground Mount System
Solar Farm Ground Mount System
  • Within 10 days
  • 5MW/Week
  • 50KW
  • US $ 83.6~92.4/KW

Maximize the use of land resources

Solar Farm Ground Mount System

Solar Ground Mount

Product Description

MG Solar agriculture ground racking system is high above the ground, which does not affect the growth of the underlying crops, but also make full use of solar power. The surface of the racking is high anodized and is not easy to rust. MG Solar Farm Mounting System adopts high strength aluminum alloy 6005-T5 and stainless steel 304

Technical Parameters

Installation SiteAgricultural Farm or Open Terrain 
Wind Load45m/s    
Snow Load30psf(1.4kN/m2)
Tilt Angle5°~30°
Foundation TypeConcrete Block or Ground Screw
MaterialAluminum Alloy 6005-T5 & Stainless Steel 304   

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Solar Farm Structure

Free Design

Solar Farm Racking

Project Reference     

Solar Ground Mount 


Q: What materials are the Farm Structure System made of?

MG SOLAR:High strength aluminum alloy 6005-T5 and stainless steel 304 material.

Q: Is it easy to assemble?

MG SOLAR:Of course, some components are pre-assembled at the factory, reducing labor costs and on-site installation time.

Q: Will it affect the crops below?

MG SOLAR:The system is elevated above the ground and does not affect the growth of the underlying crops, allowing for a coexistence of agriculture and solar power generation.

Q: Does this system have any impact on the environment?

MG SOLAR:The system is environmentally friendly and recyclable. It is suitable for many different geological conditions.

Q: How about the foundation of this structure?

MG SOLAR:Concrete foundation or ground screw pile foundation are optional.

To get a quote and design for your solar farm project, we need to get below information:

1. Panel dimension: length, width and thickness?

2. Tilt angle?

3. Panel layout? How many panels in a column, how many panels in a row? How many solar panels in total?

4. Max wind speed on project site?

5. Max snow load on project site?

6. Ground clearance: the height from the bottom of solar panel to the ground?

7. Foundation: ground screw pile foundation or concrete foundation?



Have a question, need help designing a system or just want to know more about MG Solar? Feel free to contact us by email or toll-free call.

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