MG Solar East-west Flat Roof Racking System


MG Solar East-west Flat Roof Racking System

Product Description

Technical Information:

  1. Installation Site: Flat Roof

  2. Module Orientation: Landscape

  3. Material: Aluminum 6005-T5

  4. Max Wind Speed: <60 m/s

  5. Max Snow Load:  <1.4 KN/M2

  6. Tile Angle:  5°~ 30°

  7. Warranties:12 Years

Features & Benefits

a)  Non-Penetrating to roof

b)  Pre-assembled parts for simple and fast installation

c)  Minimize roof space limitation

d)  Fixed angle or adjustable angle both acceptable

e)  Rail-less

f)   Suitable for all orientations installation

g)  Optimize high power production

solar roof mount

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