Why is photovoltaic power a green and low-carbon energy source?


Photovoltaic power generation has remarkable energy, environmental protection and economic benefits. It is one of the best green energy sources. Installing a 1 kW photovoltaic power generation system under the average sunshine condition in China can generate 1200 kilowatt-hour electricity a year. It can reduce the use of coal (standard coal) by about 400 kilograms and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 1 ton. According to the results of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the following conclusions can be drawn: In terms of carbon effect, the installation of 1 square meter photovoltaic power generation system is equivalent to afforestation of 100 square meters. At present, the development of renewable energy such as photovoltaic power generationis one of the effective means to fundamentally solve environmental problems such as haze and acid rain.

The vast number of farmers in mountainous areas of our province have always had the habit of burning firewood, consuming a large amount of firewood every year, which has a great impact on the ecological environment. After the implementation of photovoltaic power generation, each household can reduce the consumption of 5000 kilograms of firewood every year. Through the development of photovoltaic industry, farmers'demand for firewood can be reduced, forests can be protected, forest benefit rate can be increased, and green mountains and waters.

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